Thursday, March 08, 2007

You Want Me to Paint Something on What?!?!

"My lunch" Acrylic on satin of some sort roughly 8 x 8 inches

I was asked to paint something on a chef's hat for this weekend's Culinary Escape taking place in Cannon Beach, Oregon. It was interesting trying to figure out just how to paint/draw on a chef’s hat. Of course I only had one chef's hat so I had no overs in case things went awry. I bought some satin that was similar to the hat to experiment on. This is one such experiment. The interesting thing about painting on this type of material is that you can't move the paint around once you put it down and you certainly can't lift any of the paint up. But at any rate I had a good time and got to eat my still life after I was done. =)


Craver Vii said...

I think it may have been months since I dropped by to see your watercolors. Yup... You're still brilliant!

Suzanne said...

This is cool!

Michael said...

Craver - Good to see you. =)

Thanks Suzanne

Ester said...

how did the chef hat painting go? I've never even thought of trying watercolors on anything but watercolor paper, so this seems bold to me. Were you happy with the results on the hat? Do you think if you had to do it over (painting on this satin) that you would pick a different medium, maybe guache or acrylic?

Michael said...

Ester, actually I did use acrylic for the hat painting. I didn't think watercolor would be very permanent on something like that. I forgot to snap a picture of the finished hat, but it looked a lot like this practice piece.

As I started painting on the hat I found out that the surface was quite different to work on than my practice material (I think it must have had scotch guard or something on it) and it was rather tricky to paint on. Plus the hat wouldn't stay flat. A fellow artist used gesso on his material before paining on it and I would definitely do that next time. It would be interesting to try watercolor on satin, but I would want to put a clear acrylic finish over it or something to keep it permanent.