Sunday, March 25, 2007

Oregon Coast Wedding Photos

Part of the initial sketch for "At Play on the Oregon Coast".

Its seems like every time I'm at the beach people are getting married and/or getting wedding photos on the beach. It also always tends to be raining sideways while I'm at the beach. . .


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Ok, I guess I'm convinced that if you are at the beach it's gunna rain ... so I won't be encouraging you back to Washington for awhild *giggle*.

Love the way you are headed with this one.... Are you going to have the rain coming side way's ?

Michael said...

Nancy, I should sell my services of bringing the rain with me to the folks in Arizona that would like a little more rain. =P

I'm still working on sketching characters on this picture (and I'll post more characters in the next couple days), but yes I am planning on having it raining in this picture at an angle. =)