Monday, March 12, 2007

When Meatloaf Inspires a Painting

"Mount Hood Through the Tree Tops" 18 x 30 inches. Watercolor.

I painting this on some hot press paper (which means its rather smooth) that had been given to me. I was quite happy with the results I could get from smooth paper. I almost always paint on heavy cold press or rough paper that has lots of texture.

I painted at Haystack Gallery in Cannon Beach, Oregon over the weekend and got talking to another artist only to find that he keeps track of which music he listens to while painting a picture (mostly classy jazz or classical musicians). As it turns out my favorite picture of his was painted to the driving melodies of Meatloaf. I should have known! I'll have to start keeping track of the "music that inspires my artwork". (No doubt it will be an odd compilation of cheesy pop tunes, punk rock and the occasional Louie Armstrong).

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