Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Watching the Surf and Seagulls

"Pacific Tides" 28" x 40" - Watercolor.

I did and painting demonstration at Champagne Cove in La Conner, Washington last weekend and as always had a great time (it was 65 degrees and sunny on Saturday so it was pretty hard not to have a great time). Pacific Tides is the largest watercolor I've completed so far and the original (it is unpublished so there are no prints) is now on display at Champagne Cove.

I also go to do some camping while I was up in La Conner. Camping this time of year is the best because not only did I get a camp spot at Deception Pass on a Saturday night without reservations (Which I've heard is Washington state's busiest campground), but I also got the state park campground near Gig Harbor almost completely to myself. That campground has to be about the creepiest campground I've been to. I always get there way late at night night when it's dark and foggy, it's always deserted, it's way out in the boonies, is situated in the midst of a dense rain forest with towering trees and thick underbrush and invariably all sorts of wild creatures decide to start howling/growling/hooting/barking loudly in the middle of the night. (it's the kind of place that you would expect to see Bigfoot) This time some owls decided to get in a brawl directly above my tent at about 1am and did some hooting at the top of their lungs (they can be pretty loud). Overall I thoroughly enjoy the creepy camping experience. :-)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Silver Falls

"Silver Falls" 15" x 22" Watercolor

I actually started this painting a few years back, but just recently decided to work on it again. It is now finished, framed and will be on it's way to Champagne Cove in La Conner, Washington soon.

I believe this is Lower North Falls at Silver Falls State Park near Silverton, Oregon.