Thursday, October 12, 2006

Yesterday's Quick Draw

"Volkswagon Impressionism in Deep Red" 22" x 22" Watercolor on paper.

Produced with the influence of French Impressionism as applied to Volkswagon busses, the distinct toaster-shape of the volkswagons are hinted at by areas of pure color freely mixing together on wet paper accompanied by strong brush strokes allowing your eyes to render the impression of Volkswagons.

Ok, ok, so maybe I just made that last part up and was merely having fun painting one of my favorite subjects with a 2 inch brush while doing a one hour painting practice for the upcoming "quick draw " event I'm taking part in. Either way, I'm still going to consider that "high Art". =)


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Your painting makes me smile. Just yesterday as we were driving into town, I spotted an older VW bus and told my husband how much I liked the looks of them ... Makes me want to sing some old 60's songs.

Michael said...

Old VW vans are great! Actually, I used to own a green '78 VW bus, but sadly it caught fire while driving near my house a few years back (gas leak apparently), so that was the end of that. But I mean BESIDES that I love the old VWs. =)

Fly_Away said...

I just happened across your site and was delighted to see a painting of a volkswagon bus as my girlfriend adores them. Is that original for sale?