Sunday, October 29, 2006

Tyee Lodge from Agate Beach

This is a commissioned painting I just finished of Tyee Lodge Bed and Breakfast in Newport, Oregon. The bed and breakfast is right above Agate Beach, a popular Oregon surfing destination and even more popular dog walking beach. I've botched more attempted photos of seagulls on this beach than any other from happy dogs chasing the seagulls off before I could snap my picture. And of course these dogs always have great, ridiculously happy doggy grins on their face after chasing off a flock of seagulls. Between getting to watch the surfers, the dogs and birds interact and the often amazing sunsets complete with historic Yaquina Head Lighthouse perched to the north, this is a very enjoyable beach in Newport, Oregon.


The Armchair Theologian said...

Holy Smokes! You're like a PRO painter dude! That's so gnarly! Uh, and you done PAINT GOOD TOO! Man! I have friends who are 'artistic' (meaning they like art and think they're good at it but are wrong), but you're a skillful artist! Nicely done!

Michael said...

Hey thanks Armchair. =)