Monday, September 18, 2006

Painting and travelling

"The Delicate Interconnection of Seagulls and Laundry" 4"x 6" seagulls on watercolor paper

My brother and I went to Glacier National Park in Montana and Waterton National Park in Alberta, Canada two weekends ago. The picture above is St. Mary Lake in Glacier at Sunrise. That was certainly the clearest lake water I’ve ever seen. A few minutes before this photo was taken a bald eagle buzzed by us carrying a fish that was easily half his size. With water this clear it doesn’t seem like there would be any sport for an Eagle fishing here.

You can see more pictures of our trip and various other outings hiking, camping and exploring at my brother’s Flickr™ photo site.

Atop Mount Erie in Northern Washington near Deception Pass. Thanks to TheGraceGirl for telling me about Mount Erie. The view was well worth it. =)

As it turned out, I was the only kayaker that day paddling around Gig Harbor, Washington doing more picture taking than kayaking. I couldn’t figure out how to balance my watercolor painting easel on the kayak I rented, so I ended up just buying a disposable camera and taking some pictures with it. Next time I intend to at least take my sketch pad out kayaking.

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Joanna Martens said...

Michael you are too kind. The paper was originally for a religon course at school. It's really rough b/c I seriously only wrote it in like, an hour.
You are a talented painter- I love to see the Father reflected in our talents!!
Cheers and Grace,