Friday, September 08, 2006

Stormy Weather Arts Festival Poster

Here is my newly finished poster for the Stormy Weather Arts Festival November 3-5 in Cannon Beach, Oregon. This is my third year to participate in the festival. Friday night we'll start the event off with (an always sold out) Quick Draw where several of us artists are given an hour to produce a piece of artwork and frame it, then immediately afterwards there will be an auction to auction off our newly finished work. If you think that an hour is WAY too little time for a normal human to produce a finished piece of art, I'd tend to agree with you. However watching artists produce work in that ridiculously short amount of time is very enjoyable to watch. I'm always amazed at what some of those artists can do in so little time.

Saturday and Sunday there will be many artists around town painting, sketching and chatting with people or given half the chance, napping on the beach. Note: "napping on the beach" is sometimes referred to by us artists as "studying our subject matter". Although to the untrained eye it may appear that an artist is merely sitting in a lounge chair by the beach with sunglasses and an iced tea, the reality is that this is an important function of art, wherein an artist can take in a scene and "study their subject matter". ;)

A variety of musicians play live music throughout the weekend and all over town. Hors d’oeuvres are often served by many of the shops in the evenings and overall it’s quite a fun and festive weekend. I would, however, recommend that you get reservations for lodging ahead of time.


Anonymous said...

This poster is awesome!

Michael said...

Hey thanks Cheryl. Yeah, I had way too much fun making this poster. =) It's cool that you're coming to the West coast for the Stormy Weather Arts Festival. I'm assuming you and Kelly are getting your usual cabin. It'll be a fun weekend! See you there.

Vern said...

Are you practicing for your quick draw painting? See you @ Stormy Weather

Vern Shahan

Michael said...

Yes, I am practicing for the quick draw, although I haven't completely narrowed it down to what I'm going to paint yet. I've got a couple of different ideas so far. I'll see you guys at Stormy Weather!

Paula Olsen said...

Is it possible to purchase the Stormy Weather Art Festival poster without actually going to the festival? I love Cannon Beach, but I live in Florida, and I just can't make it up there for that weekend.

Paula Olsen said...

I'd like to purchase the 2006 festival poster. Is that possible?

Michael said...

Hi Paula, yes it is possible. The best way to purchase a poster would be to contact Haystack Gallery in Cannon Beach. They take credit cards, ship and all of that good stuff. The posters are about 11" x 14" and are $35.00

You can contact them at 503-436-2547
If Sandy or Patty answer the phone make sure to tell them I said hi. =)
If you have any other questions feel free to email me at: