Thursday, November 09, 2006

Old Art Class Work Vol. 1

I was going through old artwork today and found this old art class project from a while back. The teacher had just introduced a new medium to us: Gouache (which is basically opaque watercolor) and the assignment was to “paint something with gouache to get familiar with it.” The other students very diligently painted things like apples or their Starbucks cup that was sitting near by. I, on the other hand, apparently felt the need to paint something in the style of Film Noir, a scene from a drab apartment building where something very mysterious and sinister had just taken place. From the long shadow of the form coming through the doorway we can tell that the phantom villain will finally reveal himself as he walks through the door in this dark place we call . . . Chinatown. . . . . or so I was thinking as I happily painted away next to my classmate who was slurping her mocha and painting an apple.

Chinatown, by the way, is a classic Film Noir movie staring Jack Nicholson. I would highly recommend it.


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Mmmmm, something different from your usual style. I love the glass, you really captured it... oh and how exciting to see a shadow at the door. I love a good mystery.

Jennifer said...

Man, you have such an enjoyable blog - I have forgotten to check back regularly, but I now have a bloglines, so I shall not be remiss in viewing when you have a new post up. :)

By the way, I like this one - eerie and mysterious...very nice. Very non-Starbucks.

Michael said...

Thanks Nancy. The glass was good fun. =)

Jennifer - What is Bloglines? Does that show you when you're favorite bloggers post something new? If so where would I find it? Heh, I like you're describing it as "very non-Starbucks".

I'm busy trying to finish up a commission painting at the moment, but I'll try to post another picture that I was working on in the next couple days.

Frank Martens said...


Michael said...

Ah neat. Thanks Frank. =)