Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Discussing the Meaning of Life on a Cannon Beach Roof Top

Seagulls gather on Cannon Beach roof tops to gossip about Oregon Coast politics and whether the recent storm caused the “10 year flood” or the “100 year flood”.

I painted this picture while giving painting demonstrations at Haystack Gallery during the Stormy Weather Arts Festival. It’s always enjoyable painting a “fun” picture in front of people because they then feel at liberty to offer ideas for what to put in a picture. If you’re painting a “serious” picture, people don’t tend to offer suggestions.

My thanks to the person that suggested adding Haystack Rock, the trademark giant monolith protruding out of the beach indicating that this picture is in fact of Cannon Beach. Also thanks to the youngster that pointed out where I should add a chimney that subsequently became a great item for a seagull to sit on. My apologies to the gentleman that suggested I add someone doing the “Saturday Night Fever” dance in the window of one of the houses. I couldn’t quite pull off a John Travolta impersonator through one of the little windows on this piece in such a way that one understood what kind of dance he was doing. Maybe next time. I do appreciate the gentleman’s willingness to pose the dance move for me, even though he only held the pose for 10 seconds. Next time someone suggests such a thing I’ll insist that I need them to hold the ridiculous dance pose for me for at least a half hour in the middle of the gallery in order for me to complete my piece of art. ;)


Cheryl Bundy said...

Ok, this is one of my all time favorites! Do you have copies that you are selling?

I am starting to plan my trip home! I am so excited. It is looking like it will be the summer of '08. Sounds like a move title. I can't wait to drive back across. That was such a blast.

Have a good one,

Michael said...

Heya Cheryl,

This is the painting I was working on when you and Kelly came by during Stormy Weather. No I don't have copies of this one, but I tend to paint this sort of thing often.

Your trip sounds like fun! Are you just driving by yourself this time across?

Cheryl said...

I don't think I'd try that trip by myself - unless I created alternate personalities to keep myself company. I'd like to take a while getting across and make tons of stops along the way. I love all the local flavor.
Did you and Dan get those books I sent you? Aren't they hilarious?

Michael said...

Cheryl, you sent us books? . . . Hmm, hopefully they make it, we haven't gotten them yet. Taking a trip all the way across the country would be a hoot! Have you figured out which way across the country you want to go yet? You can always go the northern route so you can make sure to see the world's largest drug store (Wal Drug) in South Dakota. =)

Cheryl said...

Well I sent the books the middle of December, so if you were going to get them, you would have them by now. What? Did I say books? I meant that I sent you new expensive cameras. Sorry you didn't get those. :) I think I'm taking the Northern route. I haven't seen Yellowstone yet - I know, shame on me. So, that is on my list of stops. Oh, and that drug store is on the top of my list!