Saturday, January 08, 2011

The Explorers

The Exploreres - Watercolor by Michael David SorensenThe Explorers 22"x30" Watercolor

I've been updating my art website. You can see a bunch of new originals that I put on my website here.


Jennifer VanWasshenova said...

Hi Michael-
I came across your work online and I love your work and admire your talent for color, shape, and layering.
I am a highschool art teacher and practice a bit of watercolor myself. In this painting, your trees turn into negative space which I love. If you don't mind sharing, how do you achieve that? with masking fluid?

Thank you-

Michael said...

Hi, Sorry for the slow reply. I mostly post to facebook
and Pinterest
so I don't check for comments here very often any more.

At any rate, I just paint the negative space around the tree branches. I haven't used masking fluid for several years, although the same effect could be achieved using masking fluid or by drawing in the negative shapes that you wish to paint ahead of time. I had a college drawing teacher that challenged us to make a drawing by only drawing the negative shapes and I discovered that I liked paying attention to both positive and negative shapes in drawings and painting. I have since tried to include attention to both in subsequent paintings. How you achieve negative shape painting is more of a matter of preference I think.

Good luck and happy painting! :-)