Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bike Riding and Dreams of Amazingly Good Donuts

"Exercising to Counteract the Ill Effects of Custard-Filled Donuts" - Sketch

I went rollerblading down at Portland's Willamette Waterfront a few nights ago and did some sketching while I was at it. The paths there are chalk full of people riding bicycles, walking, running, rollerblading, skate boarding or scooter-riding.

An interesting bunch of people gather there to perform their exercise of choice and its fun to observe the different types of characters you find there. Some are obvious fitness junkies who eat, sleep and dream exercise. Then there are characters who I can relate with like this fellow that I sketched. He appears to be there merely to burn the exact amount of calories that one will find in two chocolate, custard-filled donuts and a chocolate milk. And you know he's figured out precisely how much further he needs to ride in order to burn the calories in an extra tall chocolate milk.


Anonymous said...

You mean thats not you? I thought you were donutman?


Michael said...

Ashley - No it clearly said that I was "rollerblading" not "riding a bike" down at the waterfront so that picture of a bike rider obviously couldn't be me! Duh. ;-)

Heh, its good to hear from you Ashley. I should have known that mentioning donuts in a post would prompt you to respond! =)

Macaroo42 said...

I'm loving this style you're developing. Not only is it fun, it will sell like crazy! (If you'll pardon me a moment of crass commercialism.) :-)