Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Life and Times of Seagulls in a Sleepy Coastal Town

Person: So do you as an artist ever worry that you are having way too much fun painting a particular picture?

Artist: Yes, yes I do.

I painted this picture while at "Spring Unveiling" in Cannon Beach a few weeks ago. I did "research" early Saturday morning by wandering around town seeing what kind of mischief seagulls were getting into to give me ideas for my picture.

"The Life and Times of Seagulls in a Sleepy Coastal Town" 11" x 15" Watercolor


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Michael, I can feel the coast air in this one. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

I like it; it was great to see our finsihed painting on your blog. It gives you a happy melancoly feeling when you look at it. Are you going to make any print off of the original?

Vern Shahan

Michael said...


I just snapped a picture of it with my digital camera for the blog. In order to make prints I have to take the picture in to be scanned at high resolution. Since I was unable to do that with this picture it will be a one of a kind.

Overall I'm pretty pleased with this little seagull picture. =) You guys have a great weekend! Go do something fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael - i really like your watercolors (i'm guessing that is the medium?) - i love the picket fence and the shapes of the houses - their "curves", etc. really nice stuff - thank you for a pleasant site to drop in and "enjoy". i hope it's ok,i put two of your pics on my screensaver slideshow. they will add a nice touch. i mostly have jrt & chihuahua pics there.

Michael said...

Hi Barb,

Yes, it is watercolor and I'm glad you're enjoying them. =) You are welcome to add pictures to your screen saver. How did you come across my blog out of curiosity? Have a fine weekend!


Anonymous said...

is there any other way to come to your blog - why via C-Train's blog, of course! i read his & Pec's regularly, or rather, i read the comments to their blogs, regularly! are you a "hand to mouth" artist there in Vancouver, WA? My husband can draw, etc. Unfortunately, his time is not his own, so he doesn't do it anymore. It must be wonderful to make a living doing something you "love". Most artists seem to have to have another occupation - until they become famous. Thank you for the walk through your art - i especially like the ones with dogs in them - am an avid "lover" of dogs. Have a very "industrious" week, dear Michael. i shall keep you in prayer.

Donald Cobb said...

Excellant loose,airy watercolor Michael. Check out my watercolor work on my blog.