Friday, February 16, 2007

A Hungry Watercolorist Enjoys La Conner

Rainbow Bridge” 11 x 30 Inches

La Conner, Washington is located about 60 Miles north of Seattle on the Swinomish Channel. It is tucked away in the beautiful Skagit Valley famous for its yearly Tulip Festival that runs between April 1-30. (You can find more information about the Tulip Festival at: )

The town is a great place for a hungry watercolor artist who can generally be found eating fish and chips at the Boardwalk Fish and Chips (conveniently located in the building next to Champagne Cove Gallery, on the North side of town). The said artist is often seen enjoying a hearty bowl of their fine clam chowder or Halibut ‘n Chips as he works diligently drafting elaborate painting ideas in his sketch book. However to the untrained eye it may appear that he is in fact spending his time hassling the wait staff trying to make them laugh while he doodles seagulls on napkins with a Sharpie™, I assure you he is actually working hard (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!).

At other times one may see this watercolor artist wandering down to the Calico Cupboard (thanks to Jason for telling me about the Calico Cupboard) for one of their remarkable Snicker Doodles or stopping off at the La Conner Brewery for one of their award winning brews. If you find yourself heading to La Conner looking for a relaxing, fun time of enjoying galleries, shops and restaurants you’re heading for the right place.

Oh, and look for the bald eagles hanging out at the tops of trees on your way into town.


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

As usual, great work. I enjoyed seeing your paintings framed. They look beautiful ... the frames seem to be a great choice. Do you do your own framing?

Michael said...

Hi Nancy, its really difficult to photograph paintings framed with glass. Maybe next time I'll remember to take pictures before I put the glass in. My dad and I do the framing actually.

Jason said...

Michael, I'm so glad you discovered the Calico Cupboard! P.S. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your work in person. Keep up the great work.

Michael said...

Jason, I did enjoy the Calico Cupboard! Thanks. They have quite a supply of baked goodies to choose from. =)