Tuesday, September 13, 2005

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Bazooka-Joe said...

So...exactly what KIND of fish is in a fish taco? If only you picture of a fish playing the accordian!

Word Verification
BDFXYYC: A Scandinavian slang term making fun of the Russian alphabet and referring to short words that are difficult to pronounce.

Mike: "How do you pronounce that word?"

Seth: "I don't know...that's a bdfxyyc if ever I saw one!"

Michael said...

Seth, I must say I enjoy the whole word verification word thing. Mine is "cfuedqdk" Redneck term pronounced in the question form: "C-if-youd-qik?" Generally used to ask if someone is speedy.

I'm still messing around with learning how to make a blog do what I want it to and haven't actually gotten to the business of blogging yet. Thus all one can currently find here is a mouth watering picture of a fish taco. Mmmm. . . . Oh, you can have any kind of fish taco: Halibut, trout, Van-D-Camp frozen fishsicles. The "fish" tacos I had in Seaside the other day I wouldn't be surprised if they were made of "old boot" fish. =P If you want to know the location of that place so you can avoid it lemme know.

Bazooka-Joe said...

Hahah. My word verification this time is "nogwp" (No-gwoop). This must be a term used in protestant churches notifying the members of "small groups" or "life groups" that tonight's meeting has been canceled.

"Sorry everybody, but there's nogwp tonight".

Joe L. said...

There is a great little place in Puyallup, WA that makes yummy fish tacos. Powerhouse Brewery. They use halibut with a whole wheat wrap. Throw in some red and green peppers and cilantro, and there you go, my favorite dinner (the fish & chips are a close second).

Michael said...

Joe, I've heard of the Powerhouse Brewery, but never been there. Next time I'm up that direction I'll give it a shot. Thanks. :)