Sunday, November 16, 2008

Show Off

I've been having fun trying some T-Shirt style art lately. With T-Shirt art you are limited to only a few colors and you cannot mix those colors unless you use half-tones (the process that newspapers use by putting little dots of different colors next to each other to simulate a mixed color). You also have to really simplify a design in order for it to work on a shirt. As I tend to be overly detailed it has been fun trying to simplify my designs and compositions.

"Show Off" is one of my first tries at the art of T-Shirt design. I plan to submit this (and the other designs I come up with) to It is a T-Shirt printing company that allows anyone to compete with their designs to have them printed. Their is also a good online community of other artists who will critique your designs. Here is the link to my Threadless page: Here